The Brewery bible

The Brewery Bible South West Edition

Your essential pocket-guide to breweries and beer in the region.

Written by Adrian Tierney-Jones.

UK mainland 2nd Class: £1.50


Beer is embedded in the very soul of the South West as breweries, beer venues as shops continue to crop up all over the region like so many butterflies on a hot day. Come on this thirst-quenching journey with The Brewery Bible, the only handbook you will need on your beer travels across the region. Contains information on over 200 South West breweries, venues and stockists, including in-depth details from a selection of places and spaces where beer is brewed, sold or drunk. Want to know about matching cheese and beer, how malt is crucial to your pint, where cuckoo brewers brew or who’s foraging for their beer? You got it! Whether it’s an IPA ringing with American hops, a brooding stout or a quenching sour, The Brewery Bible is your gustatory guide to great beer in the South West.

The Brewery Bible South West Edition
"The only handbook you'll need on your beer adventures"
Adrian Tierney-Jones, Beer Writer of the Year 2017
"Essential for any lover of beer &  travel"
Genevieve Hinchcliffe, Fundraising Manager, South West Coast Path