Aug 30, 2019

The Midlands Edition & Trial App Launch Party


eptember sees the launch of our second book, the Midlands Edition, and the trial version of our new mobile app on Thursday 26th September at Attic Brew Co. in Birmingham. From 7pm-10:30pm, beer lovers can get their hands on the essential new guide to the buzzing Midlands beer scene and be one of the first to download the trial version of the free beer discovery app.

The Brewery Bible Midlands Edition is a pocket guide containing information on over 280 Midlands breweries, venues and stockists, including in-depth details from a selection of places and spaces where beer is brewed, sold or drunk. Fancy embarking on the Stirchley Beer Mile, celebrating the most influential IPA of recent years or learning about the crucial role of sustainability in brewing? 

The Brewery Bible app will supercharge the beer drinking experience for beer lovers across the UK and beyond. The free-to-download app will help you discover amazing places and spaces to experience great local beer, tap into stockists and see where to buy cans or bottles of your favourite beer, plus experience brewery tours, tasting evenings and special events near you.

The Brewery Bible Trial App

Co-Founder Abby Millar said: “After launching our first book, The South West Edition, in May,  we’re so excited to head to the Midlands and help beer lovers in the region discover their new favourite brewery, taproom or beer experience via our Midlands book and new app. Gather your friends and celebrate the launch with us where you can meet other beer lovers in the city, grab a bite to eat and try beers from local breweries in the Midlands tap takeover.”

See the Facebook event and invite your friends here.

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