Aug 31, 2022

Gower Brews - Welsh craft beer by Gower Brewery

Gower introduced it’s latest range to open up open up their target audience to a younger demographic with some trendy new craft beers and ales! The craft beers are named after an iconic spots in the Gower, each with their own personality resonating with the location.

Langland Lager is a thirst quenching coastal larger, packed with hoppy notes and popping with flavour, it’s a classic continental lager and, it’s dishing taste pairs beautifully with the fresh Gower sea breeze. The perfect welsh beer to take in the cooler on a surf trip.

Oxwich IPA is a tasty and sweet, bold but balanced Welsh IPA born from American hops giving it the zesty tang which makes it so unique. The distinct flavours resonate with the golden beaches of Oxwich Bay and the scenic landscapes.

Gower Zero is the refreshing and citrusy low ABV IPA from the new range. Made with a balanced blend of citrus and bitter notes, it packs all the taste and flavour of a regular IPA, with with no more than. 0.5% ABV.

Gower Brewery have been crafting ales of outstanding natural beauty from their brewery in the heart of the Gower, Wales since 2011, each brew is inspired by the Gower and it’s clean surf, miles of rugged coastline and living life between the sea and the sky.

Take a look at the Gower Brews range here