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Who we are

The Brewery Bible is a new discovery tool for consumers to uncover and discover the coolest places and spaces to drink, experience and buy beer.

Through a series of beautifully presented regional guides, our website and upcoming app, beer lovers and the simply curious will never be too far from finding their next favourite brew.

Our purpose

We exist to get more people drinking great local beer.

Our vision

To change the way people think about and drink beer.

To shift the focus of the consumer and improve the out-of-home beer drinking experience, for everyone.

The story so far

The Brewery Bible was founded in November 2018 by the Partners of Altum Media, a small marketing agency in Exeter. Since then we have developed the following;

  • A strong, consistent brand across all touch points
  • The first regional guide book South West Edition
  • A new mobile-friendly website
  • An engaged and growing consumer audience
  • Direct book sales and distribution channels
  • Successful regional networking events

The South West Edition 1

The Brewery Bible South West Edition Book under arm

Our first book, The SW Edition 1 has recently launched and is available to buy online.

It contains information on over 200 South West breweries, venues and stockists, including in-depth details from a selection of places and spaces where beer is brewed, sold or drunk. Expertly written by award-winning beer writer Adrian Tierney-Jones

Future plans...

We’re not standing still. We have lots of plans including;

  • Launching the North West & Midlands regional guides (September/October 2019)
  • Launching the South East regional guide (early 2020)
  • Piloting an app focussed on rewarding people for drinking great local beer (late 2019)
  • Continually updating our site with interesting content and growing our audience

10 reasons to join The Brewery Bible

1. It's unique. The only dedicated regional guide to breweries and beer discovery that joins the offline and online channels together.

2. It’s more than advertising. This is not like placing an ad or getting a listing in a newsletter. Each brewery will get two whole pages in the book, dedicated to your brewery and beautifully designed/expertly written + a page on our website

3. Reach more customers. We're experts in growing food & drink brands. We're going to help you reach more consumers directly and help build your breweries' brand.

4. Raising the profile of breweries. The Brewery Bible is going national to change consumer habits and you can get ahead of the rest by getting involved at this early stage.

5. Increase footfall. We'll help you fill your brewery taproom, tours or meet the brewer events by growing our consumer base and telling them about you.

6. Cost-effective marketing. We know many breweries don't have a marketing team, or even much of a budget. Let us do this for you. It's cheaper than any print advertising. It's the most cost-effective integrated marketing platform you'll come across - targeted specifically at a younger audience (the next generation of beer lovers).

7. 5000 copies printed. Distributed via NW breweries, venues, stockists, beer events and through our online channels, plus key partners like Visit Manchester.

8. Our writer is a beer writing legend. Adrian Tierney-Jones was 2017 Beer Writer of the Year, is a regular writer for The Telegraph & The Guardian and all around great guy.

9. Improve online presence. It's not just a book. We've built a new mobile-responsive website which will showcase your brewery with images and a link back to your site. We will position ourselves on Page 1 for local beer/brewery related search terms - feeding business straight back to you…

10. Make your money back. You get a box of 40 of your own books to sell (RRP: £6.99), so you can make your investment back, or reward your loyal customers.

Business membership

Beneath are examples of what will you get if you sign up as Online Only or a Full Brewery Member, amongst the other benefits listed above.

All breweries will be included as a listing in the regional guides and on our website. However, you can become a featured member and have a much stronger presence in the only regional guide to breweries.

Please see below prices (all +VAT) to become a member.

Your double page spread in the Brewery Bible will look like this
The Brewery Bible Deya Brewing company business membership
Your page on the website will look like this

Sign up

The deadline for inclusion in The Midlands is Friday 2nd August

& for the North West it's Friday 16 August.


To become a member, or to find out more information, get in touch:


online only

Page on the website
Featured on the blog
Social media coverage
One annual payment
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full stockist & venue member

Full page in the book
Page on the website
Featured on the blog
Social media coverage
Box of 40 books to sell (RRP £6.99)
Networking events
One annual payment
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full brewery member

DPS in the book
Page on the website
Featured on the blog
Social media coverage
Box of 40 books to sell (RRP £6.99)
Networking events
One annual payment
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