Frome Brewing Company
Wye Valley Brewery
Thornbridge Brewery
The Wood Brewery
The Sociable Beer Company
The Indian Brewery
The Backyard Brewhouse
Slater's Ales
Sadlers Brewing Co
Purity Brewing Co
Peak Ales
Maule Brewing
Marston's Brewery
Lymestone Brewery
Ludlow Brewery
Lincoln Green Brewing Company
Langton Brewery
Joule's Brewery
Heritage Brewing
Green Duck Beer Co.
Great Oakley Brewery
Enville Brewery
Charnwood Brewery
Byatt's Brewery
Buxton Brewery
Burton Town Brewery
Towcester Mill Brewery
Burton Bridge Brewery
Burning Soul
Blue Monkey Brewery
Black Iris Brewery
Birmingham Brewing Company
Bewdley Brewery
Beat Brewery
Bank's Brewery
Attic Brew Co.
Anchor House Brewery
Yonder Brewing
Woodman's Wild Ale
Whyte Bär Brewing
Utopian Brewing
Topsham Brewery
Sunset Brewing Company
Stroud Brewery
The Stannary Brewing Company
St Austell Brewery
Sharp's Brewery
Salcombe Brewery
Lyme Regis Brewery
Liberation Brewery
King Street Brew House
Incredible Brewing Company
Harbour Brewing
Hanlons Brewery
Gyle 59
Gritchie Brewery
Fierce & Noble
DEYA Brewing Company
Dawkins Ales
Dartmoor Brewery
Darkplace Brewery
Croft Ales
Cotleigh Brewery
Butcombe Brewery
Bath Brew House
Bath Ales
Otter Brewery
Discover great beer at these

Wiltshire breweries

Wiltshire Breweries

Wiltshire is a beautiful place to explore beer - it is easily accessed from famous towns such as Bath, Swindon, Salisbury - and is surrounded by three areas of outstanding natural beauty.

There are approximately 30 breweries operating in Wiltshire, including possibly their newest brewery, Gritchie Brewery. This typifies the area as its built in the stunning countryside settings at Ashgrove Farm. Gritchie is focussed on delivering quality English style pale ales and lager and is owned by none other than famous film director, Guy Ritchie!

  • Arkell's Brewery
  • Ashton Brewery
  • Box Steam Brewery
  • Brotherhood Brewery
  • Castle Combe
  • Dark Revolution
  • Devitera
  • Downton Brewery
  • Flying Monk Brewery
  • Gritchie Brewery
  • Hop Back Brewery
  • Hop Kettle Brewery
  • Kettlesmith Brewing Co
  • Keystone
  • Medieval Bread & Ale Company
  • Moles
  • Old Town
  • Plain Ales
  • Ramsbury
  • Shed Ales
  • Stealth Brew Co
  • Stonehenge
  • Three Castles Brewery
  • Three Daggers
  • Twenty/15
  • Twisted Brewing
  • Wadworth
  • Weighbridge Brewhouse
  • Wessex
  • World's End

Wiltshire Brewery Tours

If you’re looking for a great day out with friends and family then why not try a brewery tour at one of many breweries across Wiltshire. Possibly the most famous brewery in Wiltshire in Wadworth. Famous for its 6X beer, its traditional brewing techniques and its shire horses which still deliver its beer to local pubs.

Wadworth offer brewery tours to the public and last for approximately 2.5 hours, costing £12 for adults. So why not experience traditional brewing methods and join an award-winning brewery tour at a local brewery built in 1885!

Tours begin with an introduction to the history and heritage in the modern Visitor Centre. After a steep climb, the tours are guided through the traditional Victorian Tower Brewery, following the gravitational process throughout time and down through each of the four floors. In complete contrast the next stop is the 21st Century Copper House to see how technology has developed over time....

Tours normally start at 11am and 2pm Monday - Saturday. Advance booking is essential.