Frome Brewing Company
Wye Valley Brewery
Thornbridge Brewery
The Wood Brewery
The Sociable Beer Company
The Indian Brewery
The Backyard Brewhouse
Slater's Ales
Sadlers Brewing Co
Purity Brewing Co
Peak Ales
Maule Brewing
Marston's Brewery
Lymestone Brewery
Ludlow Brewery
Lincoln Green Brewing Company
Langton Brewery
Joule's Brewery
Heritage Brewing
Green Duck Beer Co.
Great Oakley Brewery
Enville Brewery
Charnwood Brewery
Byatt's Brewery
Buxton Brewery
Burton Town Brewery
Towcester Mill Brewery
Burton Bridge Brewery
Burning Soul
Blue Monkey Brewery
Black Iris Brewery
Birmingham Brewing Company
Bewdley Brewery
Beat Brewery
Bank's Brewery
Attic Brew Co.
Anchor House Brewery
Yonder Brewing
Woodman's Wild Ale
Whyte Bär Brewing
Utopian Brewing
Topsham Brewery
Sunset Brewing Company
Stroud Brewery
The Stannary Brewing Company
St Austell Brewery
Sharp's Brewery
Salcombe Brewery
Lyme Regis Brewery
Liberation Brewery
King Street Brew House
Incredible Brewing Company
Harbour Brewing
Hanlons Brewery
Gyle 59
Gritchie Brewery
Fierce & Noble
DEYA Brewing Company
Dawkins Ales
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Darkplace Brewery
Croft Ales
Cotleigh Brewery
Butcombe Brewery
Bath Brew House
Bath Ales
Otter Brewery
Discover great beer at these

Somerset breweries

Somerset Breweries

Somerset has long been associated with cider, but is now home to some 34 breweries in all shapes and sizes. Somerset has some of the UK’s oldest and newest breweries and caters for beer drinkers right across the flavour spectrum.

Somerset plays host to the likes of Cotleigh, a more traditional brewery with great ale at the core of what they do. It also includes Yonder Brewing, one of the newest and smallest breweries in the UK, and one of the most unique. Yonder carefully creates their beer from foraged ingredients and is the brainchild of ex-Wild Beer brewer, Stuart Winstone.

  • Abbey Ales
  • Apex Brewery
  • Bason Bridge Brewing Company
  • Bath Brewhouse (previously James Street Brewery)
  • Bierhaus
  • Black Bear Brewery (UK)
  • Blindmans
  • Butcombe Brewing
  • Cheddar
  • Cotleigh Brewery
  • Crafty Nectar
  • Electric Bear Brewing Co
  • Exmoor Ales
  • Fine Tuned Brewery
  • Frome Brewing Co. (prev Milk Street Brewery)
  • Glastonbury
  • Glede Brewing
  • Hubris-Id
  • Isle of Avalon
  • Odcombe
  • Parkway Brewing Company (UK)
  • Patriot
  • Pitchfork Ales (Epic Beers Ltd.)
  • Quantock Brewery
  • Ralph's Ruin
  • Secret Brewery
  • Stocklinch
  • Stowey Brewery
  • Tapstone Brewing Company
  • Twisted Oak Brewery
  • Wild Beer
  • Windy
  • Yeovil Ales
  • Yonder Brewing

Somerset Brewery Tours

Most of the breweries in Somerset offer brewery tours and would love to show people around their brewery.

Cotleigh Brewery offer a “very interesting and humorous tour”, by appointment only but are only available for groups of 18+ people - the perfect party day out! Cotleigh tours are £26 per person but include all of the following;

  • A tour of the brewery which takes approximately one hour;
  • A top quality curry from our renowned local chef (alternatives available);
  • Four pints of Cotleigh award winning cask ale per person (or a presentation pack of Tawny & Barn Owl to take away)

Butcombe Brewing Co also offer tours, these are £10 and normally run on the first Tuesday of the month - 2019 dates are as follows;

  • Tuesday 5th March
  • Tuesday 2nd April
  • Tuesday 2nd July
  • Tuesday 6th August
  • Tuesday 3rd September
  • Tuesday 1st October
  • Tuesday 5th November

Butcombe are passionate about their tours and sharing their craft and story with beer enthusiasts and people who know nothing about beer. They’ve got a great story to tell, and thier vision for the future is just as exciting, so go and have a look around and enjoy a pint whilst you do it!

Get behind the scenes, see how they work their magic at the brewery and finally taste some of their finest brews with the people who lovingly made them.