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Devon Breweries

Discover a whole raft of different breweries in Devon - from large traditional ale breweries such as Dartmoor and Otter to small micro-breweries, and even cuckoo brewers without their own brewery premises.

Devon is one of the biggest brewing counties in the country with roughly 50 active breweries currently operating.

Devon breweries include the following:

  • Anchor House Brewery
  • Art Brew
  • Barnaby's Brewhouse
  • Barum Brewery Ltd
  • Bays Brewery
  • Bere Brewery
  • Black Tor Brewery
  • Branscombe Vale Brewery
  • Bridgetown Brewery (The Albert Inn)
  • Buckland Brewers
  • Checkstone Brewery
  • Clearwater Brewery
  • Country Life Brewery
  • Crossed Anchors Brewery
  • Darkplace Brewery
  • Dartmoor Brewery
  • Exe Valley Brewery
  • Hanlons Brewery
  • Heavitree Brewery
  • Holsworthy Ales
  • Hunters Brewery
  • Madrigal Brewery
  • Many Hands Brew Co
  • New Devon Brewing
  • New Lion Brewery
  • Otter Brewery
  • The Railway Brewhouse (Platform 5 Brewing)
  • Powderkeg Brewery
  • Quantock Brewery
  • Red Rock Brewery
  • Riviera Brewing
  • Roam Brewing Company
  • Salcombe Brewery
  • South Hams Brewery
  • Stannary Brewing Company
  • Summerskills Brewery
  • Tally Ho! Brewery
  • Teignworthy Brewery
  • The Beer Engine
  • The Buckland Brewers
  • The Exeter Brewery Ltd
  • The Fat Pig Brewery
  • The Hyde Park Brewery
  • Topsham Brewery
  • Totnes Brewing Company
  • Two Drifters Brewery
  • Utopian Brewing
  • Whyte Bar Brewing

Devon Brewery Tours

Devon has a whole host of brewery tours for you to learn more about the art and science of brewing. From Salcombe Brewery down in the South Hams to Hanlons Brewery just outside Exeter, wherever you are, a Devon brewery tour will never be too far away.

Explore our Devon breweries to learn more about brewery tours in Devon.