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Discover a world of beer in Bristol, uncover the best places and spaces to drink beer in this thriving South West beer city.

Bristol is leading the charge and often seen to be setting the standards for beer in the South West. Award-winning breweries can be found in almost every corner of Bristol, and their close proximity to each other makes this a great city to visit for a day out on the beers.

From central breweries like Croft Ales, to slightly out of town breweries like Fierce & Noble, there are breweries creating beer in all styles for all tastes serving up the growing community of local beer drinkers and tourists visiting the city.

Bristol Brewery Tours

There is a recognised importance to cater for “beer tourists” as there are a number of established brewery tours and events taking place regularly. If you’re interested in Bristol beer tours then check out the links below.

East Bristol Brewery Trail

Bristol breweries Moor Beer Co, Good Chemistry, Left Handed Giant, Arbor Ales and Dawkins all open their doors to the public for a big party on designated days of the year. Keep an eye on their Twitter for the latest updates.