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Home to the National Brewery Centre and with Burton upon Trent at it’s heart, Staffordshire is awash with brewing heritage and class. There are almost 20 breweries in the region and each one is as passionate as the next. Everyone knows that Burton upon Trent is a great place to brew, but why so?

Burton upon Trent owes its brewing pedigree to its naturally hard well water (high in sulphates) which accentuates hop bitterness in beer, crucial for brewing pale ales, which Burton upon Trent is so famous for.

Burton also boasts a behemoth of a brewery in Marston’s, as well as newcomers Burton Town who started brewing in 2015. The Heritage Brewing Company operates out of the National Brewery Centre and uses the 25 barrel William Worthington kit which was installed in 2011 within the fabric of the museum to replace the 5 barrel ‘Museum Brewery’, once the oldest microbrewery in the country.

Breweries in Staffordshire include the following;

Brewery tours in Staffordshire

If you’re looking for first hand experience of the brewing process, then where better to start than the National Brewery Centre? There are daily guided tours available, ready to take you around the UK’s brewing heritage. Tour tickets are £11.95 for adults and you can book directly on their website here.

Slater’s Ales located just North of Stafford centre opens their doors to the public on the first Friday of every month for a 45 minute tour of their brewery and facility. Tours are generally kept to below 20 customers and it is encouraged to be as open and interactive as possible - so think up your trickiest beer questions and let loose! The tour finishes in the taproom area where food is served.

Marston’s Brewery offers 6 tours a week, two a day on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. They cost £12 per adult and include a guided look at their Victorian Brewhouse and their unique Burton Union System. This tour however comes with a warning… due to its old design there are lots of stairs to manoeuvre and the less physically able might find some parts difficult.

Breweries offering brewery tours in Staffordshire include;