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Lincolnshire Breweries

Find your next favourite brewery in Lincolnshire.

Famous for it’s large cathedral, Lincolnshire boasts approximately 20 different breweries so it’s beer scene shouldn’t be taken too lightly either.

There are great local breweries dotted around the whole region, from Cathedral Heights and Poachers in the centre, out to Batemans and Firehouse over towards the East coast of England.

Breweries in Lincolnshire include the following;

  • 8 Sail Brewery
  • All Saints Brewery & Pub
  • Baker's Dozen Brewing Co
  • Batemans Brewery
  • Brewster's Brewing Co
  • Cat Asylum Brewery
  • Cathedral Heights Brewery
  • Ferry Ales Brewery
  • Firehouse Brewery
  • Hopshackle Brewery
  • Horncastle Ales (Old Nicks Tavern)
  • Lincolnshire Brewing Company
  • Milestone Brewery
  • Newark Brewery
  • Newby Wyke Brewery
  • Oldershaw Brewery
  • Poachers Brewery
  • Sleaford Brewery
  • The Fuddy Duck Brewery

Brewery tours in Lincolnshire

If simply drinking beer is not enough for you and you’d like to get a closer look at the art of brewing then you can find a myriad of brewery tours or experiences across Lincolnshire.

Lincolnshire Brewing Co. offer an insight into their brewery at three different levels, all starting from £15 per person - they hold regular tours and brew days hosted by the head brewer who will go through the brewing process and take you through a typical working day in a brewery. You will experience the taste and aromas of all the hops and barley used as well as take a trip around where the beer is actually made. The best part is the end of course, when you get to sample some delicious award winning ales.

Perhaps one of the regions oldest and longest running breweries is Batemans Brewery right on the East coast of the county, they have been craft brewers since 1874. Batemans has a Visitor Centre set up for sharing knowledge of their long-established brewing processes.

Brewing tours and guided tastings at the Visitor Centre start from £10 for adults, and will include “ample samples”! And if that still isn’t enough to quench your appetite for the golden nectar then why not become a member of their revered beer club!? This is for serious Batemans fans as your membership not only includes inclusive discounts and member benefits but on joining, your name will be inscribed on a brick in their Theatre of Beers Brewhouse; it’ll also appear on our Honours Board in the Visitors Centre.

Breweries offering brewery tours in Lincolnshire include;

  • Lincolnshire Brewing Co
  • Batemans Brewery