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Some hops just cannot help but declare themselves when the beer they have been put in is poured into the glass.

Citra, first used by UK brewery Oakham at the end of 2009 for the beer of the same name, is one of those varieties, bursting with tropical fruit character and much beloved of brewers around the UK. For Sunset founders Dan Piper and Jon Gerrard, this is also a much-loved hop, which they naturally use in their single beer, Archipelago XPA, with the singular and attractive fruitiness that emerges from the glass giving the beer a singular sophistication and quality. Based in North Cornwall, Sunset is a cuckoo brewery, with Piper saying, ’our beers are produced with precision and purpose in a pocket-sized brewery in Cornwall.

A small batch production process means we can ensure the consistency and quality of the finished product

Delivering a delicate, nuanced balance of flavours in every mouthful’. If you’re travelling in Cornwall and excited about trying XPA, then pop into Hand Bar and Beer Wolf Books in Falmouth, and try crossing the Tamar for a well-rewarding visit to Vessel Beer Shop in Plymouth.

Signature beer

Archipelago XPA, 4.5%

A fruity pale ale that puts the palate in a good mood, especially at the end of a marvellous day with the sun setting itself to sink in the west.

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