About Gyle 59

There’s a sense of adventure and creative restlessness in the approach that GYLE 59 founders Jon Hosking and Amanda Edwards take to the beers they brew.

Want an IPA with nettles in it? You got it. Or how about a porter infused with star anise? You got that as well. As founder and head brewer Jon Hosking says,

‘whilst we are happy to acknowledge and celebrate tradition, we are always unconventional,

For instance there is our one-year aged Elderbeery Stout 7.3% — which we call adult jam! We brew unfined modern beers for Cellar 59 craft beer house in Lyme Regis and traditional beers for the Lyme Regis Brewery Tap.’

GYLE 59 is also environmentally conscious. Water for brewing comes from a natural spring on the Sadborow country estate in rural West Dorset (its softness is very useful for brewing lagers such as the Vienna Session Lager), while according to Hosking, ‘being virtually “off grid” we have had to be inventive with our heat sources for brewing. We use a super-efficient log burner to heat our hot liquor tank and propane gas to boil our coppers giving the brewery a very elemental feel’.

As well as Cellar 59, GYLE 59’s beers are available nationally, while local deliveries are made to selected local pubs, bars, farm shops, restaurants and bottle shops.

Signature beer

Nettle IPA, 5.3%

Originally brewed to celebrate a nettle eating competition at the Bottle Inn in nearby Marshwood, this is exemplary IPA with plenty of citrus notes (as well as a hint of nettle), before a lasting bitter finish.

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Gyle 59

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The Brewery, Sadborow Estate Yard, Chard TA20 4PW