About Clarkshaws Brewery

Our core ales use only ingredients sourced from the UK supporting local producers and reducing the ‘beer miles’ of all our products. This also ensures that we have full farm to face traceability.

No artificial flavours or preservatives, natch.

No fish (isinglass) products are used to fine our beers.

We use only renewable energy in the production of our beer and aim to reduce the amount of power and water in our processes.

Deliveries are made using our electric powered vehicle.

We package all of our beers on site to avoid trucking goods up and down the country.

All of our food waste goes to composting and we try to reuse as much wastewater as possible in local growing projects.

Signature beer

Hellhound British IPA, 5.5% ABV

Spicy with hints of marmalade, bitter sweet with lots of malt and caramel.

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Clarkshaws Brewery

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Saturday 2-6pm


497 Ridgway Rd, London SW9 7AH